September 12, 2017

Welcome to our two new Freshman Scholars, our new Resident Director and our new Assistant Resident Director and Resident Tutor!


There are lots of new faces in the Wellesley ABC house this fall!  Ameera Ahad and Shaffaf Tariq are 9th graders joining us from Bridgeport, Connecticut and Brooklyn, New York respectively.  They are both enthusiastic honor students who are excited to be part of the Wellesley High School community.

We welcome Ana Carmona-Benitez Neri as the Wellesley ABC Resident Director.  Ana will be joined by her husband Esvin Benitez Zapon.  Ana has committed her life to helping others.  She brings years of experience as a social worker and mental health counselor, working with families in Brooklyn, NY and most recently Southbridge, MA.  In addition, Ana is one of nine children so is no stranger to living in a house with lots of activity.

In addition, we welcome Yashira Perez as our new Assistant Resident Director and Resident Tutor.  Yashi graduated from Tufts University and has been working in educational roles at the Boston Public Schools.

Please join us in welcoming Ameera, Shaffaf, Ana, Esvin and Yashi to the Wellesley ABC family!


June 2, 2017

Congratulations to our awesome 2017 Wellesley High School graduates Mariana Perez & Cypress Smith!  In the fall Mariana will attend Trinity College and Cypress will attend Binghamton University.  We wish them well and we will miss them!


April 19, 2017

A HUGE THANK YOU to Brennan Mullen (in White) & Br­ian Reddy (in grey) for your awesome efforts run­ning the Boston Mara­thon to raise money for Wellesley ABC!  You guys rock!

Brennan 1   Brian 2


April 13, 2017

POPS Senior Profile: Wellesley High School’s Mariana Perez Perfects the Art in Dance

We are so proud of our talented ABC Senior Mariana Perez!  Read about how Mariana’s love of the arts is a means to learn about herself: “Through both dancing and art, Perez has come to better understand her identity and how she connects to her culture.”



April 4, 2017

Tickets for the Wellesley ABC Spring Event are now on sale – click here to purchase!



February 14, 2017

ABC Announces 2 Boston Marathon Charity Runners and More…click here to read our Newsletter!



November 9, 2016

Wellesley ABC teams up for the WEF Spelling Bee

Sunny Allen, Janet Horelick and Amy Edwards spell on behalf of Wellesley ABC at the Wellesley Education Foundation’s 27th Annual Spelling Bee!  Proceeds from the Bee support excellence and innovation in the Wellesley public schools through enrichment programs.  Such programs include specialized training for educators to promote student social/emotional health, K-5 World Language curriculum, a new piano for the Middle School choral program and a new High School course on building androids apps.



October 28, 2017

Babson College Student Leaders Mentor Wellesley ABC Scholars

The Wellesley ABC scholars and Babson student leaders Sharice, Alexa & Nadia enjoyed a dinner together at the ABC house – thanks to Babson Professor Donna Stoddard (back row).  The college students shared a their insights with the high school students about college, academics and life in general.  Our scholars look forward to more get togethers with these caring mentors!



November 1, 2016  Byline: By Olivia Geiger, photos by Barry Braunstein

ABC Scholar Stars in Wellesley High School Musical Production of Beauty And The Beast – November 10, 11 & 12, 2016

Cypress Smith (WHS class of 2017) played the lead character – Belle – in Wellesley High School’s production of Beauty And The Beast!  Jada Gibson (WHS class of 2018) also performed in the show.  The performance of these talented young ladies was AMAZING!  Mrs. Potts says it herself: the tale is as old as time…

cypress-belle     cypress-w-beast


October 25, 2016

ABC Scholar Inducted into National Honor Society

Congratulations to Cassidy Bartolomei (WHS class of 2018) on her induction into the National Honor Society at Wellesley High School!  She is pictured here after the ceremony with her Academic Adviser Sally McNamara.  Keep up the great work Cassidy – your ABC family is so proud of you!



November 26, 2015  Byline: By Je’Lesia Jones

Volunteers Turn Wellesley House Into a Home

When Jim Barr retired after 33 years of teaching, he searched for something meaningful to do in the Wellesley community. Inspiring young people to “dig deeper” to master difficult mathematical problems had long been his profession and passion, but upon retirement he searched to translate those teaching skills into significant projects that would fill his free time…



April 30, 2015   Byline: By Jordan Mayblum

Orange Is The New Black: Tour of Hit Show’s Set Up For Grabs

At age 14, Valerie Velez left home in New York and moved to Wellesley for school through the A Better Chance program. Now, the 1994 Wellesley High School graduate is giving back to the program in a unique way…


January 23, 2015   Byline: By Je’Lesia M. Jones

Eugene Cox Exemplifies Spirit of Wellesley ABC Supporters

In the spring of 1972, Jean Proctor, the secretary for the history department at Wellesley College, shared her enthusiasm with Eugene Cox, a Wellesley College history professor, …


April 18, 2014   Byline: By Cheryl LaMee Special to The Townsman

Runners for Wellesley A Better Chance prepare to finish strong

Both Amin Chaoui and Paul Tiernan are well into the taper phase of their training for the 2014 Boston Marathon. Seasoned marathoners, both men were given bibs through the Town of Wellesley bib program. Our town, similar to every other town along the…

Runners for Wellesley A Better Chance prepare to finish strong



February 27, 2013   Byline: By Je’Lesia M. Jones Townsman correspondent

Wellesley ABC student wins full scholarship to Tufts

Wellesley ABC student wins full scholarship to Tufts


November 7, 2013   Byline: Je’Lesia M. Jones/ Special to the Townsman


Wellesley ABC host family, student have stayed connected for decades



Shelly Harris with Frank Genovese


November 9, 2012   Byline: Je’Lesia M. Jones Townsman correspondent

Wellesley ABC celebrates 40 years of making a difference in girls’ lives

At the Wellesley A Better Chance 40th anniversary celebration dinner last Saturday evening, United States Magistrate Judge William McCurine, Jr., told the story of an elderly man picking-up starfish that had washed up along the shore and throwing…

Wellesley ABC celebrates 40 years of making a difference in girls


October 23, 2008   Byline: Je’Lesia M. Jones/Townsman Correspondent

The family on Norfolk Terrace

An old adage, and certainly one impressed by parents on the minds of developing young people through the ages, is: “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” Upon meeting Delali Kofie and Yina Cordero, the newest members…

The family on Norfolk Terrace